I went to the gym to bike. I’ve been trying to strengthen my legs as much as possible for the marathon in October. I haven’t started running yet because I have a bad ankle but biking helps. I decided to bike for thirty minutes, I usually do twenty. My shoes are broken in but kept squeaking on the bike pedals. I put in head phones and biked. Understand, I haven’t worked out in a while. But I felt motivated to start again. The challenge of the day was to find passion in Christ. For me, life can feel slow at times and even boring so I was all about this challenge. I decided to push into working out, I needed to anyways for the marathon. What I found was this incredible realization as I worked out. I started thinking of the purpose of my actions and how they define my life.

So I went throughout the day doing things I normally would. I played piano, exercised, did homework but it felt different. I tried to do all things for God. Every time I sang a note or wrote a sentence, I did it with as much passion as I could. For some reason, I didn’t question what it looked like to do everything with passion. I felt I just knew. What that looked like for me was giving my all to whatever I was doing. So when I sat down to do homework, I got rid of all distractions and that helped me focus. When I exercised, I used worship music to amp myself up. I tried little changes to not only help better myself but to grow my faith.

I thought yesterday was a great challenge. I was able to pull myself up yesterday from the slump that I was in. By making the choice to live a passion filled day, I found myself making healthier and smarter choices. I not only changed habits but I found myself wanting to read more and found my thoughts being more focused. Instead of being on my computer right before falling asleep, I read a book. Instead of wanting to procrastinate, I found myself incredibly motivated.

Anyways, on to the next day.

God bless you and remember, you are beautifully made in the image of God. 

Side Note: I am planning on running the Chicago marathon with Team World Vision, an organization that runs to raise money for clean water for kids in Africa. If you’d like to donate you can go to this link Donate Here. Besides that, prayer is always appreciated if you feel so inclined. 


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